I am not of one mind

The urge to delve into the swell 
divulged and disclosed from the fold
coaxed and parted till the tumult
of the tide is tilled from you 
revealed in a wake of foam 
unfurling as a blossom of wet ...

It is there ... yet ...

I pause at the sound of thought
and light crawls across a page
and my paws shake and somewhere
a phone rings like and empty balloon

Between a beep and a drip 
I ask my self pointed questions
Then jump to skirt flat answers
In world almost too curvaceous
I am not of one mind

What if it's nothing more
then occasional spoons maybe
naked in a hammock together
but not exactly coupled

I am not of one mind 
and wouldn't mind a soft
border made of indifference
of the sort between siblings

Yet ...

If I were your sister
Still I'd want you heavy on me
Still I would breach borders
To burrow into the taste of you