The Ventriloquist Wakes Up For His Balloon Ride

1.  It was like Germany was waiting
2.  For the rest of us 
3.  To get the hang of it.
4.  You use your years
5.  Trying to learn 
6.  To be a good enemy
7.  And you let your sympathies
8.  Veer from the deer, 
9.  And the antelope 
10. And the leer, 
11. And the pope,
12. Divine-rodding 
13. At a zany synaptic clip
14. Toward a density of pigeons.
15. And what happens?
16. You get all mammonized and
17. All divorcing your shadow again
16. With perspicuous arguments
15. Of Euclidean intent.
14. Just kidding.