once in angered pain no passion
could explain away i tipped
and upended the bed on you
like a maudlin cartoon
leaving you unreal in time suspended
till you fell you fell you fell
into another
brothered best-friended winking bright planet
more smooth less sulpherous so hard
fell you towards his beaming surface
taking with you

in turn i went to sea but found
me oceanless stranded aground
seabed gone dry and dispite me
the world turned over daily and hurled me
in turns at sky and barren dry sea floor
and mountains acient of mlaise skinned and winded me
cause this is not my dream of vastness
no this is not my

if i could dance i would again
and the only falling i would do
is back agian towards you
softly slow rolling dance into
the deep blue curving sea of you
in only we could undo this fall
and feel again true