jesus shrieks

jesus on his tip toes
arches over me and spits
the same lecture word for word
and i endeavor to turn my cheek

jesus sent me a manuscript
and asked me for my thoughts
and cursed the little jew (left in me)
who muttered "well ..." instead of "yes"

jesus gives but can not take
sarcasm and accuses me of talking
out the side of my mouth all the while
showering me in spit

jesus throws the world at me
all the names and pricks and
a bales of barb wired round
creamy centers of venom

jesus stomps and hurls and shakes
the branches of the tree of wisdom
and throws it all at me in a whirlwind
and yea, sure, some of it sticks

jesus whips his crown at me
and the thorns do prick and i do bleed
he throws the first stone through the last
and i wonder which might be his heart

jesus says i alienate and that i'm drunk
with self importance not worthy of concrete
and rattles a litany of ancients who'd agree
on my shameful lust for the very last word

jesus says i'm goddamned insensitive
he's had it up to here with me
and sets the scope and terms
and rolls a stone over my memory

jesus might be better pleased
if i where retarded, happy as tea bag
to bend my knee and praise his text
and let his country simple grace prevail

jesus says"you get it or you don't"
and will not seek to elucidate
since it's all as obvious as the color blue
and he will not weed it out for me

jesus has wrestled me many times
and still he calls my best "shots" cheap
though shooting is no sport for me
still (as he can not say) i do my best

jesus i guess is out for blood
and finding none claims my heart a stone
sees not my sweat or tears or this wet
pool of red - he thinks all blood is blue

jesus wails and protests so much
with fingers in ears coughing up brimstone
he harrow hells and drags me down
and as always closes with "hope all is well"

jesus prepares himself to defend
confesses sin and despicable acts
and mortifies himself again
yes, i too have kicked what's down

jesus with his bridges all aflame
burns the future with past and present
in childlike rage that would melt any bond
and ends with earnest protestations of lov